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Meet Our Founder


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Hi my names Ed and I founded Reno Gear so that I could showcase some of my idea's and create a community of likeminded people interested in the same things as me. If you haven't already realised I have a very keen interest and passion for DIY and renovation, I am currently building up the website and brand to bring you exclusive blogs, tutorials, products and more all focussed on DIY and renovation I would love for you to join my community. Head over to Instagram or TikTok to connect with me today. 

My Story

Last year I purchased a Victorian mid-terrace cottage and got to work bringing it back to life, the property was in a very sorry state and needed a lot of work to bring it up to today’s standards of living. I have tried my best to document the entire process posting content on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube almost daily. See a Youtube video below which summarises some of the work I completed a few months back: 

My main objective with the project was to keep costs down, it is my first property investment and I wanted to increase the properties capital as much as possible for future investments. The main way I achieved this was by doing almost all the refurbishment myself and not paying a premium for tradesmen to do it. This strategy does work, and you can save vast amounts of money, however you must factor into your programme for the work to take quite a lot longer, this was something I had allowed for and it took me just over 9 months to (almost) finish with the refurbishment. See Instagram below where I have documented the entire process: 

To give you an idea of the profitability of this particular property I believe I have added in the region of £45,000 to its original price within the 9 months that I have had the place. That figure is the total amount of money I believe I would make when I come to sell it or the money I might be able to pull out in the form of a re-mortgage agreement, I have spent around £12,000 so far on the refurb, see a breakdown of the costs below:

Property cost breakdown.PNG

I teamed up with some publications to release some useful information on the cost breakdown of my project see the full articles below:

The Mirror.png
Bach Thien.png

After working with these publications, I realised I had a passion for writing articles and blogs of my own, about my own passion and interests, I will be releasing a DIY and renovation blog on this website with useful tutorials and insights every month or so, keep your eye's peeled for the next one. For now you can see my first blog about plastering a skim coat below:

I hope you enjoy the website, I am building it almost every evening and focussing as much time and energy into creating an enjoyable experience for likeminded DIYers and renovators to learn and discuss.


If you have any questions, or just want to get in contact send me a message via email.

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